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Tēnā koe! I offer most of the writing services people depend on to help their brand communicate with the world.


My rate for writing services

My 2018 rate is $50 per hour for all writing services described on this site.

I can also provide quotes for writing services by the page, by word count, or for whole websites et cetera. Charging by the project instead of by the hour can help with budgeting for some clients.

Any queries, just flick me an email at or phone 021 299 0984.


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In the writing world, one of the old maxims is ‘Show – Don’t Tell.’

So: I’d like to show you some examples of how writing services help people in various ways.

    • Journalism for clients like Northland District Health Board – The approach of somebody with a postgraduate journalism qualification is essential in making a piece of writing legally sound, accurate as well as clear. Every media release I write for a client like Northland DHB I put through screens to make the end result easy to understand, legally safe, and accurate in terms of terminology, spellings, and grammar.
    • Writing media releases, with photosfor clients like Yes Whangarei!’s campaign for Hundertwasser Arts Centre with Wairau Maori Art Gallery. Clients need a media release to be ready-to-go. Having worked for NZ’s most significant newspaper, the NZ Herald and its NZME subsidiaries, I’m able to polish media releases until they are print ready, making it much easier for a client’s words to come across as acceptable to a news publisher.
    • Interviewing – clients like the New Zealand Planning Institute have in the past asked me to create newsworthy interviews. A quality interview can be passed onto news media, published online, added to the interviewee’s portfolio and should be printworthy. NZPI asked me to help create a large number of interviews as its annual planning awards approached in 2015. Then there have been clients such as NZ Media & Entertainment (NZME.), for who I interviewed around 50 Pride of NZ Awards winners in 2014. That content was useful for helping NZME. create print copy, online news stories and printed supplements.
    • Blogging – clients such as Alliance Media utilise my blogging skills every month. Blogging drives eyeballs to a website and will separate a successful business from an average business. When I’m asked to blog for your business, I’ll be structuring the words on the page to really optimise your search engine results, plus I’ll be delivering perfect English, nice, concise instructions to readers, and of course funky advertising language to help sales and search results.


Head over to Michael Botur’s projects/portfolio page where you’ll find real examples of great written content provided to clients, as well as notes about how effective writing helps grow an audience.

Mike’s writing qualifications

  • Graduate Diploma in Journalism Studies, Massey University 2014
  • Cert. of Excellence for Investigative Reporting, Massey University 2013
  • Master of Creative Writing AUT University, 2009
  • Bachelor of Arts (English major) – University of Otago, 2005
  • National Certificate in Adult Literacy & Numeracy Education (Level 5)
  • NZQA Certificate in Adult Literacy Tuition (Level 5)
  • NZQA Cert. in ESOL Tutoring (level 3)
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